• Aug 25, 2015
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Home Offices You'll Want to Spend Time In

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Paying bills, working from home, or just surfing the web - a comfortable and beautiful home office is an important piece of your home. And for some people, it's an essential part of the home.  Our home office inspiration will help you create a space that you want to spend time in.

2Make your home office include your personality with fun accessories and patterned furniture.

dviraFor small home offices, add shelving units to store your books and photos.  Just don't let it get too cluttered.

5Hang your photos, notes, and drawings in front of your desk to keep you comfortable and content while you work.

1Keep your home office bright with light hardwood floors and windows.

4If you have clients visiting you in your home office, display your favorite photos, books, and awards to give them a sense of who you are by adding personality.

3Get this feminine office look with simple white furniture and accent pieces like the chair and boxes.

For more home office inspiration, visit our Pinterest board.

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